Data Sources


Below is a list of the current data sources supported by the Readi app. This list is by no means exhaustive and many more Fire and SES units are being added all the time.



544 Local Governments around Australia
local Fire and SES Units
The Bureau of Meteorology
People with Disability Australia

ACT Emergency Services Agency
ACT Health
ACT Parks Service

NSW Rural Fire Service
NSW State Emergency Services
NSW Live Traffic
NSW Planning, Industry and Environment (Air Quality)
NSW National Parks
NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
NSW Marine Rescue
NSW Health

NT Fire and Rescue Service
NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services
NT Dept of Environment, Parks & Water Security
NT Road Report
NT EPA (Air quality)
NT Parks and Wildlife
NT Coast Guard Darwin
NT Power and Water
NT Health

QLD Rural Fire Service
QLD Health
Qld SES Volunteer Association
QLD Fire and Emergency
QLD Transport and Main Roads
QLD Traffic
QLD Department of Environment and Science (Air quality)
QLD Park Alerts
QLD Marine Rescue

SA Country Fire Service
SA State Emergency Services
SA Infrastructure & Transport
SA Traffic
SA National Parks and Wildlife Service
SA Sea Rescue
SA Power networks
SA Health

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
Tasmania Fire Service
State Emergency Services Tasmania
Sea Rescue Tasmania
TAS EPA (Air Quality)
Department of Health Tasmania

VIC Country Fire Authority
VIC Health
VIC State Emergency Services
VIC Traffic
VIC EPA (Air watch)
VIC Wildlife
Emergency Management Victoria
VIC Department of Health and Human Services

WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services
WA State Emergency Services
WA Main Roads
WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
WA Parks and Wildlife
Emergency WA
WA Police
WA Health

EVO Energy
Essential Energy
Ergon Energy
Tas Networks